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MissionalCOG.com is a collaborative effort on the part of several mission-focused Church of God ministers writing about the mission of Jesus and how it intersects with practice and polity of the Church of God. The aim is to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate dialogue among mission-consumed COG constituents and to bring about practical change – an aggressive, unfettered focus on the mission of Jesus.


38 Responses

  1. Just letting you know that I added missionalcog.com to my blogroll. This looks great, and I am looking forward to reading from you guys…who may know me better as prefontaine. hahaha

  2. Clint (Pre),

    Glad you are browsing. Feel free to chime in any time. In the next several weeks, we’ll be taking this blog public. In the meantime, its underground….shhhhh, don’t tell. πŸ˜‰

  3. Ummmm…guys, you misspelled my last name on the blogroll…only one I W-I-L-L-S. Don’t worry, I get that and Wells all the time.

  4. I will link as well… I found it on accident

    David Boggs

  5. hey dude,

    love the sight and i have linked it to my blog. it is refreshing to have a place that like minded thinkers can come to and join together in healthy dialogue for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God.

  6. Thanks for including me on your list! I’m liking what I’m seeing!

  7. Hey, just stumbled on this place and it looks to be a keeper.

  8. stumbled across the site…I think this is a good move.

  9. I am VERY impressed with the quality and content of your BLOG!!
    I just opened my blog but I have operated a mail list for several years (ChiefShepherd@afcog.com) that is designed to minister to those who minister. In my list (and blog), subscribers share ministry ideas and materials (mostly my stuff) and discuss sometimes controversial subjects related to ministry.
    I welcome you to check out the blog at http://raywaldo.com
    BTW, I added your blog to my blogroll. Would you mind adding me to yours?

  10. Thanks for the link on your site. I have reciprocated and linked you on the ChiefShepherd Blog (http://afcdn.com). I have had a difficult time getting the blog set up but I believe it will be a help. There are now about 30 of my sermon outlines available there plus many more to come. We welcome all minister – especially COG.

  11. Hola!

    I have linked to you as well. I hope to see you stir the pot a little on here. I’m setting my expectations high. πŸ˜‰

  12. Davis, Darrell, Ryan, Neil, Mike, and Bill,

    Thanks for the comments and thanks for jumping in. If you guys ever have an article that you think would fit well, I’m always looking for content to get us thinking.

  13. I’m in.



  14. Travis,
    The site looks great. I am always looking to see what others are thinking about when it comes to Scripture.

  15. Travis:

    Really like what you have done on this site. The content rocks! I did not realize that you were the author and MC. Really cool! I will add this to my blog roll. Keep in touch!



  16. Hey guys…
    Can we get a link to replant.blogspot.com?? I know it’s west coast based, but I still tihnk it’s worth linking to from a missionalcog website.

  17. West coast….hmmmmmm. I’ll have to think about that one.

  18. Ouch Travis… I don’t care about any link love to REPlant, but careful with any hesitations toward the west coast… especially the PNW! It’s a rough crowd. Everyone I know is either in the UFC or the WEC, or some other C, including the ladies! I’d hate for the wrong driver to pick you up at the airport on your way to see Marky D. at Mars Hill, and take you through some sort of detour πŸ™‚

  19. Hmmmm. Yes….good points. Link added. πŸ˜‰

  20. Travis, I really enjoy the blog. I put a link on my blog as well.

  21. welcome to the blogosphere!

  22. I really enjoy this blogosphere. We have long needed another blog like this one. So many issues can possible be worked out before the GA if we all pray and discuss. I think that is the key. If some issue comes up let’s discuss it in love and see where the voice of rthe spirit is. The church of God ministers and Laity have so much to talk about.

  23. Hey, I just found this website and I’m really enjoying it. I had been wondering if any other COG ministers were blogging.
    I added you to the roll on my blog – would love for my blog to be added to yours.

    Grace & peace… KW.

  24. Travis how do I get my blog listed here. It is: Raysword777.blogspot.com. I know you don’t know me but me and your dad use to put up with you in youth camp.

  25. Ray,

    I absolutely know who you are. I lay awake at night with deep sorrow for much of what I did at youth camp. Some of the actions I carry no guilt for since I was able to do penance by cleaning toilets at the direction of a number of counselors and staff. πŸ™‚ I’d like to lay the blame at the feet of some of the “Miller boys” and the “Weaver boys” and others who will remain nameless for now.

    Youth camp was such a significant experience for me growing up. I started attending the year camp was in Groveland. My last year of camp was at age 17. After that, I lifeguarded for a couple summers. I had some of the most intense spiritual experiences of my life in the altar of both the old tabernacle and the new worship center in Wimauma. Lifelong friendships and a load of men like you who blessed me a long the way…even though it didn’t always feel like a blessing at the moment.

    It’s funny that I actually had a defining moment in my life the summer that Tom Sterbens preached the youth camp. I think that may have been about 17 years ago. I was working the camp. I had never seen anyone preach like that before. It was compelling, powerful, and real. I guess that makes Tom an old guy. It also turned up the spiritual heat in my life at a time where I was searching for some real answers to.

    Anyway, any mischief I got into in those days has come back to me in handfuls as I now have three awesome “ankle biters” of my own- all quite adventurous…sporting big smiles and curiosity.

    Anyway, your blog will be listed in a couple minutes. Give me a shout sometime…love to catch up. Also, thanks for your participation here over the last couple months.

  26. Tom is a great man of God! I have known him for several years and of course Brenda from working youth camps. I look forward to partnering with you guys to get good information into the COG mind set. Thanks for adding my blog to your list.

  27. Travis & Tom – gotta tell you guys, that it gives me a small glimmer of hope that someone out there in the denomination might actually care to see this ship turn around. I’ve subscribed to the blog, and i’ll look forward to future discussions.

  28. Shannon,

    A. Really good to see your name on here…been a long time.

    B. It’s more than just Travis and Tom. It’s a whole chorus of voices that are beginning to coalesce. Welcome to the choir.

  29. Pastors Sterbens & Johnson,

    I just want to say that I appreciate this site. Though I may not always agree, I’m hopeful in seeing that dialogue is still alive within the ranks of our ministers, and apparently still a possibility wthin our denomination as a whole.

    I came to the COG out of choice. It is not the denom I fell in love with at age 18, and in the past 17 years, we have made progress in some areas, but in other areas, I am grieved.

    I left this denom. out of disgust, but felt I should return, and start over and attempt to be part of solutions within our family of faith.

    Though I’m very much a Classical Pentecostal, and old school in so many ways, this site brings hope to me that we are a large enough family to not only disagree from time to time, but hopefully we can from within our family recognize and begin to resolve some of our disfunction, before we as a living entity become totally irrelevant in this world we are trying to win.

    I also respectuflly request my blog to be added to the list of COG bloggers….the url is attached.

  30. missionalCOG, I am blown away by what the Lord has done through people who are willing to listen to His voice. I never estimated the impact of this site, along with so many other blogs and message boards. Really, the impact is not from the boards and blogs, but the people who operate and facilitate them. As a lifelong COG member, thanks for what you are doing.

  31. I love this site, just found it recently. Thanks for hosting it.

  32. How do we get on the Blog Roll?

  33. Great site, grew up in the COG but realize that we as a denomination need some changes. This seems like a great approach. Enjoy the blog and am going to add it to my links on my site. Thanks for your investment.

  34. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has information as to the process of a church leaving COG and keeping their property.

    We are a church Canada that is incorporated and our property is deeded to us. We were affiliated with COG for around 20 yrs but had nothing but conflict with the regional overseer (whom never gets replaced for some reason), In fact, out of approximately 12 pastors who have been on staff here, only 1 has remained with COG. I have been here for nearly 6 yrs now and basically saved a church that was going to be lost. Big split, great debt, and poor history. The Overseer knew the church was financially devistated and he told me he would have NEVER been able to pastor here, and expected me to stay maybe 1 yr or a year and a half.

    i made big cuts, liquidated assets and am making less after 6 yrs, than when I came here. Knowing the situation, the overseer encouraged me that it would take several years to turn things around and he was understanding of the fact that we could not be current with our tithe of tithe. However, one day in march of 2008 he made a special trip to my office to inform me that I was being removed as District Overseer and Raymond Culpepper was threatening to kick us out if our tithe of tithe was not up to date by fall of 2008. (He didn’t even know we had sent funds for the previous 3 months)

    (Culpepper was the laison to Canada). I contacted Culpepper via email and he confirmed the threat by simply offering a 1 line response “problems in the body of Christ are never pleasant”.

    The short version is that our church voted nearly 100% to withdraw rather than be kicked out. Once that was done COG decided they want our property! They know they will NEVER have a congregation here with the history and the bad press they will get if they succeed in taking our property. They just want the MONEY$$$$$$

    In the court documents they issues this statement….
    “The option for a church to withdraw in part or in whole from COG does not exist”. Sounds like a “cult” to me. “We can kick you out, but you can’t leave”!

    I would like to know if anyone can offer some information as to churches that have successfully left and kept their property.

    If you wish to respond privately, you may email ghnunn@nb.sympatico.ca
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  35. Hey, love the site. Please have a look and please post my blogs. jacksonplant.wordpress.com and http://jacksonplant.blogspot.com/. You have seen me as Pastor Jackson on the sites.
    God bless.


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