8 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the COG in 2010

It’s 2010, which means it’s time for various reflective and proflective lists.  Feel free to add your own as I begin a series of lists I’ll be rolling out over the upcoming days and weeks.  Check it out what I’m most looking forward to in 2010 concerning the COG:
  1. The General Assembly in Orlando – With Teen Talent moving to Lee University and more of a focus on the business meetings, we’ve got a smaller, more affordable footprint and more common sense coming to our denominational meetings.
  2. The General Assembly Agenda – A mandate has been given to Raymond Culpepper and the Executive Council to reform the denomination to be slimmer, faster, and and more mission-focused.  I’m looking forward to a General Assembly Agenda that reflects that mandate, giving the Ordained Bishops and the General Assembly the opportunity to go further than what the floor-led General Assembly was able to accomplish two years ago.
  3. More unappointed leaders elected to the Council of 18 – Last General Assembly the Ordained Bishops significantly upped the number of non-appointed ministry leaders being elected to the Council of 18.  It turns out to be significant as more independent voices are now responsible for shaping the future of the COG.  I expect the trend to continue.
  4. The Engage Conference – I continue to be very interested in seeing generational, cultural, and missional gaps bridged in our fellowship.  I’m especially looking forward to hearing from Reggie McNeal.  And, I’m looking forward to more peer interaction.  I think events like Engage are needed to publicly affirm culturally diverse ministry environments and to heal obvious divisions that have developed over the years between generations.
  5. The first round of TOT cuts – I’m looking forward to more resources staying in our local churches to better reach our communities.  And, I’m looking forward to our denominational system downsizing and making better sense.
  6. Denominational Church Planting Strategy – When the Committee of Action met, they eliminated the church planting mandate. I believe the COA action far exceeded the parameters set by the General Assembly.  However, now that it is done, I look forward to seeing what substantial strategy and resources the Executive Council is going to put forth to replace our former system that had been severely abused and lacked competent oversight.  The challenge?  We need to replace roughly $12 million per year in Great Commission resources set aside for the USA by the General Assembly.  I look forward to seeing the direction leadership moves us in this critical area at a time where we are closing more churches than we are opening. We must act if we are to reverse our negative growth trend that is presently gripping us with increase strength.
  7. Responsiveness of the Executive Council to proposed agenda items for the General Assembly –  Proposed items governing the stewardship of defunct properties, electing of State/Regional Bishops, and restructuring have already been received by the Executive Council leading up to the last GA.  I’d imagine that a motion to require a level of transparency of Executive Council/Committee deliberations, specifically pertaining to the formation of General Assembly agendas will be submitted at some point as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing how these items will be received and the responsiveness that follows.
  8. Elimination of mandatory, state office provided insurance policies in Florida – I believe this along with a failure to faithfully steward the EHM budget over the years is responsible for decline in Florida churches.  At the peak of these mandatory fees, we were paying $5,000 per month at Life Pointe in a critical stage in our growth path.  At the time, we only had about 140 people.  That payment coupled with the 15% TOT payment left me closer to quitting than at any other point…more discouraged and frustrated than I’d care to remember.  This bad policy has finally been voted out by state ministers and will officially comes to an end March 2010.  Congrats to the State Ministers in Florida for dealing with this issue in a way that respects the worth of each individual congregation.  This is great news for 2010.

What are you most looking forward to in the COG in 2010?


2 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to less of Travis Johnson in 2010

  2. Hey, no cheap shots on Travis Johnson. It turns out, it’s not a good use of your noggin’. 😉

    By the way, when you get a chance, check out our only rule and some hilarious ensuing discussion, including revelations that Tom Sterbens’ wife, Brenda chews Red Man during church (but she doesn’t spit on the carpet…I stand corrected on that point). You can do that here:


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