What can/should denominations do?

Great post/question by Bill Isaacs over at ForwardLeadership.org
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  1. Bishop,

    I was a “rock and roll preacher” that was placed in a country-western church. The end result that came about was that this church is in a re-plant stage and is now producing good fruit. I think we might be missing something. Maybe we have been trying to fix the symptoms and not the root problem. I must respectfully disagree about matching the personality of the church to the personality of the pastor. The examples I have seen thus far have not been fruitful.

    I love the Church of God. I love its form of government. It allows a “GOD CALLED” Pastor to be the pastor. I love its history and I love where it is going. Administratively, I think the system needs to be tweeked as with any organization. But again, we are trying to cure the symptoms and NOT the disease. I just a field hand, Bishop but I would love to share my heart privately.

    Thank you for trusting me.

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