I’ve switched up the RSS Feeds that update on the left sidebar automatically here at MissionalCOG.  I removed my good friend Steve Wright and long time friend back to my North Cleveland COG days, Don Warrington from the auto-feed.  Their content was fantastic.  However, with Jerry Lawson and Tom Sterbens now blogging regularly, I thought they should have the featured spots on the blog, especially with what they put into the Pre-Assembly TOT initiatives and the Mission of Jesus Resurgence meetings. Here’s a little about these guys:


Tom pastors New Hope Church.  Tom is a courageous voice in the COG.  He’s one of my closest friends in the world.  He’s got guts.  He’s passionate about the Mission of Jesus.  He’s the first person that I heard preach the Gospel (age 19) in a way that made it feel like the Gospel was specifically for me.  And, he’s demonstrated a track record of Gospel advancement.  He’s not just talking about the way it should be.  He’s showing us where to go.


Jerry pastors Daystar Church.  Jerry is a good brother.  He’s got a mind for systems.  He understands mission.  He’s younger than me (even though I think he looks much older…certainly acts it, which isn’t that hard of a task to accomplish).  There is no one in the USA COG today that is making more Gospel headway in a community, especially in relation to the population size than Jerry.  We’ve got a lot to learn from him.  He’s a voice that will be a denominational fixture for decades to come…whether he wants that or not.

In addition to these two guys, I’m adding a couple new COG Blog links on the sidebar.  They are:


Shannon Chapman

Mario Hood

Again, if you know of any COG Blogs that need to be added, let me know.


4 Responses

  1. Travis,
    Now that I’ve been removed from the sidebar I’m going to hold for ransom the domain names that I own for missionalcog and point them to my site and not your site. I hate it has to come to this but that is just the way it is.

    LOL. Just kidding! I count it an honor to step to the side and let Tom and Jerry bring the mail! Yeah Come On!

    Love you guys
    Steve Wright

  2. It’s good to see that Sterbens is blogging.

    You guys do great work. Let’s all keep moving forward.

  3. Tom and Jerry….now that’s funny!

  4. Hey Trav, thanks for the props…..especially the “old” crack.

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