One Prayer 2009

Craig Groeschel just announced the One Prayer details for June 2009.  Is anyone planning on participating in this message series/project?  Life Pointe Church is planning on it.  I announced it here.

  • Who are some of the COG guys you would like to see participate?
  • Who are some of the guys in the Church in general that you would like to have come speak in your church on the topic of “God is ______.”?
  • If you were participating in One Prayer, what would your fill-in-the-blank be?  God is _______.

6 Responses

  1. We are already signed up… It was a great experience last year and the easiest and cheapest way I know to bring Craig Groeschel, or some other wonderful speakers to your church. It was really tough last year to pick which of the great speakers did you want to bring in.

    Besides that it was cool to be a part of something way bigger than us but know that you had a hand in the amazing stuff that the church planting offering accomplished.

    I don’t have my fill in the blank yet but I am looking forward to being a part again this year.

  2. Yeah we participated last year as well. It was a great experience for our church. Although we took up an offering for a local church plant, it was still a good way to look outside of ourselves to become more kingdom minded. We will definitely do it again. As far as my fill in the blank…umm
    1. I think I would like to see Mt. Paran, Genesis Church, Stevens Creek. I know that Genesis participated last year.
    2. Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus, Eugene Peterson.
    3. Not sure…I need to give this one more thought.

  3. We are participating at Mt. Paran North. I’ve also convinced our pastor, Mark Walker, to submit a message as well. We are still trying to figure out who will be involved in the other 3 weeks.

    We were involved last year in Student Ministry, and I’m excited about our whole church being involved.

  4. (1) Culpepper – it would be a big move, and an example for a lot of other guys in the COG that it’s okay to move ahead into what the church universal is doing in the 21st century. Plus, I’d like to see a lot of smaller churches (like mine) have the opportunity to participate, and be a part of something that’s larger than just our denom.
    (2) If I could have A.W. Tozer come back from the dead for one Sunday… =) Otherwise, I’d say Eugene Peterson would definitely be someone I’d like to hear.
    (3) “God is my hope. ” Fits with the theme/direction that our church is going (

  5. Kevin,

    Having Raymond Culpepper participate in One Prayer would be a great thing…great idea to pass along.

  6. I will be honest I was unaware of this program until today. I started looking around the web and have become really impressed. I love the idea of a church movement that is service driven rather than growth centered.

    PS – in one of the videos that I was able to find J. Franklin was one of the speakers and he is 1/2 COG. That counts right? I think Billy Humphrey out of Baltimore seems to be more service then growth, perfect fit if you ask me. (he is on the state council there)

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