Ed Stetzer’s Words to Denominational Leaders

Ed Stetzer meets with the Illinois AG District and says to “make it about the mission, not about the machine.”  In this video, they discuss recruitment of young ministers, denominational resourcing, church planting, property acquisition for churches, and perpetuation of denominational apparatus vs perpetuation of the Mission of Jesus.

Your thoughts?

For more bite sized videos discussing comeback churches with the Assemblies of God, check out Ed’s blog here.


3 Responses

  1. I was encouraged by the video for two reasons.

    First, I was struck by the sense of peace and mission that the two leaders expressed. There is urgency about what we do and the culture we serve but we need not panic. God will take care of His church–we are but the hired vineyard workers! (For you Jason).

    Second, it was encouraging to hear the forecasting for the future that both leaders gave with regard to some of the 10 year goals. We would be well-advised in the COG to consider some of these as important to us. Younger ministers in pastorates, majority of churches less than 10 years old, etc.

    Great video! Loved it.

  2. Bill,

    I have a document I would like to share with you sometime and a connection I’d like to facilitate…think you’ll find it fascinating.

  3. Great to see the mission transcending the walls and barriers of organizations. This discussion puts the focus where it needs to be, on creating followers of Christ.

    I find this video encouraging in that sense.

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