MissionalCOG Blog Changes

Guys and Gals,

A lot of things are happening in my world at the moment.  We’ve recently started a third service.  We are about to launch a second campus in Islamorada/Plantation Key.  I have about 6 months left in my coaching network.  I’m starting a Pastoral Covenant Group.  In December, we’re starting recording for Anthems for a Broken World, a CD by The Saturn Project, which is going to be a phenomenal project where we’ll link up with 500 churches, youth groups, and schools and in turn raise $500,000 for Mission.

In addition to that and more importantly, I’ve got a wife that still has a crush on me, two little girls, and a tenacious 11-month old son who I want to be around more than ever.  So, I’m making some decisions and cutting back on some of the extras in my life.

MissionalCOG has been a great community.  And, I want it to remain that…just not on my back alone.  In fact, I want to see it grow as I retract from being so involved.  There are some great contributors here.  I think some of you could help in steering the conversation.  If you’re open to contributing (once per week) as an author on topics surrounding mission, the Church of God, contextualized ministry, and can create dialog, I’d love to talk to you about coming on board.   Until that team is solid, I’m taking a bit of a break.

If you’d like to be considered, email me.


7 Responses

  1. Travis, I think it’s a great decision. I’ve just returned from a three-week virtual-realm-lethargy myself. It was much needed! Take some time off and lets see how things develop on here. I look forward to seeing who all feels up to stepping up in your absence. Praying for campus in the Keys!

  2. Big Travis,
    I’ll try and step it up some to give you a hand. Thanks for being the leader you are.

  3. What happened to Tom Sterbens?

  4. Well Brother Johnson, I’d volunteer, but not so sure though I believe myself to be missional, I’m necessarily of the same school of thought in methodology.

    I will say I enjoy this site, and hope to see it continue to be a place of dialogue and discussion.

  5. Tom has been tied up and gagged by the Golf Cart Mafia following the GA. 🙂

  6. […] COG Contributors Posted on October 17, 2008 by travjohnson Thank you to everyone who has responded with interest to be a contributor on MissionalCOG.  I’ve not responded to you yet.  But, to those of you […]

  7. I am glad to read Tom’s posts again.

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