TALK SOUP: Around the COGblogosphere in 60 Seconds

Here are some quick hits of what is taking place in the COG Blogosphere.  The most interesting pieces are highlighted in TALK SOUP, which will be a weekly MissionalCOG feature.  Check it out:

  • Pete Zefo tells his story via video about how he came to know Jesus.  It also includes how he came to be a resident at the Smokey Mountain Children’s Home.
  • Jonathan Martin talks about Agenda Item 2 and his participation (incident) in the discussion on women.
  • Jonathan Stone uses the “S” word to describe the state of Church and Pastor’s Councils in the COG following this General Assembly.
  • Church planter, Nathan Griffis talks about downsizing his living space at the 6 month mark of his new church in south Florida.
  • Bill Isaacs shares his General Assembly reflections.
  • Brandon Bowers says “Miracles Happen” at the COG General Assembly.
  • Troy Hamby calls for death to the Consumeristic Church.
  • Tony Robinson reviews Erwin Mcmanus book, “The Barbarian Way.”
  • Steve Parrish shares pictures of their new building.
  • Neil Smith says that Tom Madden is a statesman.
  • Don Warrington shares his reflections on the General Assembly.
  • Darrell Garret shares his General Assembly reflections.
  • Daniel Rushing shares his GA experiences here, here, and here (in order).
  • Ben Liles talks about the opening services of Genesis Church – west campus.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this, Trav. If you’re interested, there are some other great “God Stories” at

  2. Yeah, thanks from here too Trav. I had never visited a few of these blogs–didn’t realize they were out there. Great stuff!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Thanks for the link Travis. We moved in to the new facility this past week and had our first Sunday AM gathering. It turned out great. We tweaked all of the technology in advance and everything was relatively problem free. We haven’t publicly announced services yet, but the parking lot had two available spaces and the building was full. Hmmm… should have gone to the movie theater, eh?

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