General Assembly Resources

Faith News has a ton of great info posted now from the General Assembly.  Check it out here.  If you’re having a difficult time understanding how Agenda Item 2 went down, you can get up to speed in a few of the news pieces below:

General Assembly Today

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday (“General Council Makes Historic Nominations”)
  • Thursday (“Council of 18 Elected” and “Historical Election to World Missions”)
  • Friday (“Open the Windows and Doors of Trust” & “General Council Approves Realignment of Resources” <-MUST READ)



3 Responses

  1. My friend from Guatemaula, Dr. David Munguia, elected to the council of 18. First time for him. He will be a good one. He is presently the President of the South American Thelogical Seminary in Keto, Ecudor.

  2. […] I noted that none of my Pentecostal bretheren caught this.  Perhaps they were too caught up in the excitement of our General Assembly. […]

  3. I was one who could not attend the GA. As I was arriving at the airport to go to San Antonio, when I was informed of the death of a 7 week old baby in my church. Right now, I’m thinking internet voting would be awesome! (Isn’t it true that the majority of Ordained Bishops were not able to attend the GA?)

    I want to thank all of you for helping me stay informed. It was very difficult to sit at the computer during the Resurgance meetings and just watch, but, even from the computer, the second night was like an answer to prayer. Awesome! Thank you Tom and Trav for your labor of love.

    I am encouraged that we may be seeing a new day for our beloved movement… the COG. Whoever steps up to help ‘downsize’ our government and and help eliminate some of the bureaucracy, will absolutely be a HERO in our movement. I believe we have several possible HEROES in place right now. I’m encouraged that there really might be a place in our church family for a “different” kind of leader like myself. Thank God!

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