First day of assembly sessions…

There are already several outlets across the internet where you can find out who was elected to which offices.  We haven’t posted it here yet, so I will fill in the blanks.

YCE Director: Tom Madden

YCE Assistant: Gary Lewis

HM Director: JImmy Smith

HM Assistant: Larry Timmerman

WM Director: Bro LeRoy (I missed his first name…oops)

WM Assistant: Victor Pagan – he became the first international to fill this position in world missions.  The moment he was elected the place lit up.  I don’t know him, but a few people around me were pretty excited about it.

So far there are 5 members of the Executive Council (council of 18).  They are, in order of their nomination: Bryan Cutshall, Loran Livington, BIll Isaacs, David Cooper, and Tony Scott…4 of the first 5 have been pastors.  On a side note, both Tom and Travis are still on the ballot – in fact, on the nomination ballot, Trav got more votes than TL Lowery…what is the COG coming to?

You can check out the resurgence meeting here, but it was pretty cool.  Dr. Mike Chapman kept us on target from a governmental perspective while Travis, Jerry Lawson, and a few others discussed the substitute motion options for the realignment of funds.  I had to bail early, so Trav or Tom will have to fill in the last 1/2 hour.


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