Tom Sterbens Meeting with the Executive Committee

Tom Sterbens will be meeting with the Executive Committee tomorrow morning at 10:15.  I’m inviting you to pray that it will go very well.

Also, Matt Boyd’s most recent correspondence with Dr. Walker requesting clarification about the appropriateness of the Executive Committee’s decision to withhold the budget and annual detailed audit report from him and other ministers who have requested it is coming again before the Executive Committee.

Please pray for all involved and the decisions being made.


4 Responses

  1. Dear Bro. Travis and Bro. Tom,

    I am a 31 year old Senior Pastor. I have been at this church for 9 years. When I first came we had 5 people in an old post office building. We have since bought two pieces of property and built a new facility and have over 125 people now. That is just a brief history of my life for perspective understanding. I am deeply concerned over the future of our church. I have attended many forums and heard many opinions on various subjects, the most controversial being the tithe fund. Below I would like to express my feelings on the tithe issue.

    At first I was in support of dropping the amount of money sent in to state and general headquarters. As I looked at the scenario in a selfish yet pastoral way, I figured the local church could benefit greatly from such a reduction by allowing more funds to stay at the local church. However, over the lasts year I have changed my position from a selfish leader to that of one that embraces the Kingdom and not just my little corner in it. The kingdom of God in the Church will suffer greatly with such a reduction. We will cut into missions both at home and abroad. I believe that the denomination needs to stream line and fix some cash cow issues. We have positions that have been created for the sake of keeping people in the General offices. We must change, yes, but this is not the way. We must change our mindset at a General level, if we cripple the church with this type of cut, I believe that God will judge the denomination. The bigger question in all of this is, what is the heart of God for this Church of God, not what is the heart of the people, if we will remember it was the heart of the people that got Israel into trouble, that caused Judas to fail, and so on and so forth. We must have God’s heart and not our own even if that means laying down selfish motives and mindsets to say yes to the harvest that is calling, and that calling takes finances. I appreciate your time and perhaps one day will meet you both. Be blessed!

  2. I question the premise that eliminating the WM/EHM tax will automatically pad the budget of the local church. It only does if contrary to protocol you have been taking that 5% from your tithe fund. Those of us that raise that 5% through our missions program (as required by the minutes) and don’t rob the tithe fund will see no difference in our local budget. If you tell your people to give that extra offering to support missions then you had better make sure it goes to missions. To keep it for your own church would be dishonest. If no longer required to raise the additional 5% (or 2.5% if the states keep their program), how many pastors will continue to ask for the mission offering each month? Most likely scenario would be that the money will stay in the pockets of the congregation unless an alternative missions program is adopted. Either way it will still not be ethical to keep that money locally. If your people have been trained to support missions you are risking a significant backlash if you try to use that money for anything else. I know my people are absolute in their conviction that mission money is untouchable and they will not tolerate any other suggestion.

  3. The problem that we are facing is a spiritual one. However, some of the issues surrounding the tithe of tithes reveals some of these deeper symptoms. I agree that we are to submit to those in authority over us, but at the same time, when God raises up sons and daughters to prophesy, isn’t it the responsibility and even test of leadership to hear the Word that God puts in their mouths? When we read the OT, isn’t it clear that the kings of Israel by and large were interested in the status quo while the prophets of God represented a rejection of washed up traditions?

    Look at Samuel. He heard God calling his name and didn’t even realize that it was God. It was the third time before Eli realized what was happening. When Samuel got the Word from the Lord, it foretold of the fall of his own house. Does the denomination expect any less? Do they realize that a move of God will come through the sons and daughters, not through organization or corporation? And if so, doesn’t it stand to reason that the very Word that they ask for will deconstruct the very status quo that is held so dear?

    I would say so, and I would add that this is only one item of status quo theology that reveals a deep seated symptom of what is to come . . . or rather . . what is here. Because God has been speaking for some time and I think his Word will soon be undeniable to those who would like to shut the mouths of prophets.

  4. […] we have grown accustom to on the administrative level. This did not happen over night. Tom’s statement about the General Assembly has been a reality for quite some […]

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