Bill Isaacs on the COG General Assembly Agenda

Bill Isaacs, Administrative Bishop for the state of Louisiana and a member of the Council of 18 is writing about the agenda at Forward Leadership.  Blogs fail to gain traction when they:

  • are general, beat around-the-bush and are not specific
  • are too corporate
  • are not open for real dialogue

Bill is opening up some really good dialogue that appears to be headed for success.  You should participate…check out the discussion on:

Agenda Item #2

Agenda Item #4

Agenda Item #3 & #7

General Council Agenda 2008


3 Responses

  1. Thank you brother Isaacs for you thoughtfully engageing with us on the agenda. It is good to have constructive dialog on these inmportant issues facing our church. I for one would love to have this consructive engagement about the agenda jouined by other Church of God Executive Council memnbers.
    In my opion most of what has been said about the agenda and the church leaders that placed it together is at times too disrespecful. Now that we have yourself in transparant fassion on these issues and your rational dialog on the agenda. Then just maybe we can discuss the issues and not be so hard on our Executive Council. Issues are worthy of our investigation and debate but please lets let up on any personal attacks.

  2. Here is my thoughts on item number 7

    Email me at to get the password.

    Thanks Chris for being the first to do so on the other post. Please leave your thoughts

  3. […] Doctrinal Fidelity and the Church of God7 July 2008, me @ 11:10I’ve noticed that Administrative Bishop Bill Isaacs, in his excellent series on the upcoming General Assembly agenda of the Church of God, has not reached Item 15 on Doctrinal […]

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