Rickie Moore Prophecy Reposted

As you may know from following this, this, this, and this, the prophecy given by Dr. Rickie Moore at North Cleveland was removed due to a letter to Captain Matt Boyd, Chaplain in the USAF from one of his supervisors at the Church of God headquarters in Cleveland, TN.

Someone apparently downloaded the videos from Matt’s YouTube account and reposted them on GodTube. You can find the reposted videos here (video 1, video 2, video 3). Again, you should not fail to view the all three videos. But, if you can only watch one, you should watch video 2.


4 Responses

  1. So, obviously some of the message is lost between Parts 2 & 3. Would anyone be willing to fill me in on what was left out???

  2. […] Prophetic Message to the Church of God Posted on February 20, 2008 by Matt Boyd Edit 5/12: Due to a formal request from a denominational leader, the original YouTube video has been removed by Matt Boyd.  The video can now be found here. […]

  3. Jason, I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that the cut between video 2 and video 3 coincides with a camera switch, which makes it ‘feel’ like there is a gap there. But I don’t think there actually is.

  4. The speaker Rick Moore was saying that his conversation with the christain lady before her passing suggested that their denomination is dead, or at least that was his interpratation.

    I think in reality that this not going to happen yet, but will happen someday when Christ returns. Then all denominations structures will be dissolved and Jesus Christ will rule his church in one big noticable perfect divine structure as already seen in the New Testament Revelation.

    However, I would say that this denomination has very good christian people in the pulpits, and the pews, and its great commission works are generally succesful but not what they could be.

    I would argue that the main problem is denomination pride among many in the rank and file.What I noticed over a period of ten years as a member and Licensed Minister in the past was the noticably pride of this pentecostal denominationalism as a badge of spiritual honor. The Church of God name appeared to be exalted and spoken as often as the name of Jesus. If not on the same level it was a close second. This pride was and is contagious and easily caught by others like a spiritual desease.

    In my preacher opinion, this pride is a big sin. Remember pride commeth before the fall, and I think God can not bless this organization any more than he has but it does not have to remain that way. Perhaps it is time for real large scale self examination on inward holiness that pleases the Lord. It’s time to get all the pride out of this Pentecostal denomination so Christ does not have to compete with human efforts of exaltation. He alone is the divine son of the living God and he will have no other type of gods before him.
    Returning to New Testament holines and getting the sin out of our hearts must have priority and lets get back to emphasizing the Holy Spirit baptism.

    I available for revivals to help in this process.
    Email enclosed.
    In His Servcie Forever
    Gary J.Hammond

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