Brian Hunter – leaving a mark on Tallahassee

Brian and I traded a couple text messages on Sunday. He said there was a pretty decent 3-page article in his local paper about Easter and Genesis Church’s new message series, “Inked.” Great stuff. Check it out, especially the comments.  Some of the most interesting comments following the article were:

Are these primitive morons aware that tattooing is pagan?

This focus on this group, (I am declining to call it a church), is troubling. I believe that this is the same group that sponsored a rather scandalous billboard several months ago that was removed after public outcry, so I’m not surprised that they are now espousing tatoos as evidence of their relationship with the Father. But, what they ignore is that God doesn’t care what our “outside” looks like — God looks at our hearts. Unfortunately, people DO look at the outside — and the outsides of these people look like they just got out of Raiford.

I love GC.TV and all that they do. 

They reach out to those, who others turn away. Please stop condemning a church that is of and by God. Not until you go and you feel,see and hear the spirit move like i do every sunday. If it weren’t for that church i wouldn’t have a home or a family.

I have attended Genesis for about a year and a half now, and it is filled with the most humble, passionate Christ followers I have ever met.

To Brian and Genesis Church.  Keep doing what you do!


15 Responses

  1. Wow! A CoG church stirring up controversy in its community for being too radical, for being too culturally relevant, and for compromising religious sensibilities! That’s refreshing!

  2. I saw the video of Bryan at Engage21, it was such a blessing. I hope he is doing well physically now. Jesus said, “Beware when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets who were before you.”

  3. Cool! I wonder if there is a stat on how many COG members have tats. Glad to hear when people go to great lengths to reach their culture.

  4. Don’t make me post my tats!

  5. You won’t do it!

  6. Steve,

    I will if you will! You know I don’t have any.

    Tell who ever is freaking out over tattoos to get a grip! Actually call me for some numbers of really good artists I know. Jon, remember when you come to preach we are going to treat you to a tattoo not an offering.


  7. Don’t push me Jon. I will post them like their is not tomorrow!

    Dennis- What about me bro? I come and preach and you buy?

  8. Dennis,

    I remember when I inteviewed with you in 1998 (Chicago) and was afraid to disclose that I had a tattoo. You quickly assured me that it wasn’t a problem.

  9. Being a tatted preacher myself, I think thats pretty incredible. I tried to take Travis to get his first in Cleveland during Engage, but he said it wasn’t proper, lol…

  10. My name is not Crumo…do not run with this

  11. having met you and knowing you can outrun me and are bigger than me I would never call you Crumo!

  12. Crumo,

    That’s what you get for trying to call me out publicly like that. Be afraid, Crumo. Be very afraid. Besides, I bet I could outrun you. I’ve seen how Oklahoma LBs run. It ain’t pretty.

    By the way, I was at the Oklahoma vs. Washington Orange Bowl in the 80’s (must have been 13 years old) when the Sooner Scooner flipped over in the end zone and got permanently kicked off the field. That was just a few plays after one of your horses pooped on the field and the team was penalized 15 yards…loved it!

  13. No, I should not have called you out…the bible told me touch not Gods anointed. I am fully submitted to your anointing…

    Orange Bowl in the 80’s…you are really DATING yourself, I think I was just being born around that time old guy…lol

    And don’t be talkin about my Sooners, Bobby Stoops will come after you…

  14. Yep…sooner or later…probably later.

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