Forward Leadership Blog & The Church of God Has No Future Blog

There have been some additions to the COG Blogosphere…some delectable treats.  Check these guys out:

  • Bill Isaacs, Jason Isaacs, and Jeremy Isaacs are rockin’ the web with the Forward Leadership blog.  They kicked it off with a great interview with David Boggs.  Add these guys to your blogroll and visit often.  When you stop in, ask Bill to hook up with a reciprocal link.  Travis Johnson has a little link there already.  But, the flagship COGblog has no representation.  Hook a brother up!
  • The Church of God Has No Future blog.  That’s a heck of a name that freaked me out and kept me on the sidelines for a bit.  Then, I found out it was Jonathan Stone.  And, I found out what the site was all about.  With guys like Jon sharing ridiculously strong ideas from a ridiculously credible position, there is definitely a strong future for the mission of Christ in the Church of God.

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for highlighting the Forward Leadership blog. I have missed it somehow. At Engage 21, I sat next to some Louisiana pastors, and I inquired about some of the innovative things Bill is doing there. I really liked what I learned. I hope some of these things will be adopted throughout the COG, especially redefining the role of district overseer to provide connections and encouragement to pastors on the district.

    Yesterday, a student and I discussed ministry in the COG. (The student is planning to plant a church after graduation). We also discussed the need for pastors to have access to on-going training opportunities. I mentioned the way Bill has restructured the state prayer conference into a time of ministry to the pastor and his/her spouse (Replenish). I don’t know what all this entails, but it seems like a good place to also provide sessions concerning personal finances, marriage/family issues, and even an academic session providing ministry tools in sermon prep, etc. (They may be doing this already). I’d like to see the COG implement something like this in each state. I believe many pastors need (and want) this type of fellowship and assistance. Way to go, Bill!

    And, yes, I am really enjoying Jonathan Stone’s blog. I find it very relevant to where I am at in my life right now.

  2. Those are some great thoughts Louis. I wonder if we could get “Bishop Bill,” as the pastors in LA love to call him, in here to discuss something like that?

  3. Forward Leadership has now given missionalcog some love, sorry bout that

  4. Jonathan, Bill has now posted details on his reThinking of prayer conference for the state of LA. You can find it at the forward leadership blog for anyone who is interested.

  5. Jason,

    Thanks for the link love, bro. By the way, the forward leadership site looks amazing…awesome job!

  6. Jason, thanks. It’s a great article, and refreshing to hear an administrator thinking this way. I’m struck at how innovative Bill sounds in our context. What’s funny about that is that he is actually, as noted in his article by the considerations ($) which led to the change, just being practical. It’s sad to see that a practically minded administrator, who just genuinely wants to do his job in ministering to the ministers, would be so rare and thus so cutting edge. Shouldn’t all administrators have that same heart? Well, I’m thankful that we at least have Bill Isaacs, and a few others like him. It makes me feel, to borrow a recent phrase by Travis, bullish about the future. Thanks again.

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