Missonal Pests…my new favorite word

I love language and communication. So it would make sense that words fascinate me. Today I discovered a new favorite word….. “loimos.” It’s a Greek word…it’s a great word. This word makes me laugh. I really like this word.

I found this word in an ancient document…it was used by an attorney who was representing a religious order of the day. (As a note: This religious order regarded themselves as the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians (COG) wherein there was a growing disruption regarding new controversial expressions of faith.) It was in a highly incendiary court room setting that this attorney unleashes my new favorite word onto the ears of the public. Used in his opening argument to describe an accused dissident who was causing dissension within the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians (COG) he aptly indicts him as “loimos!.”

Anyway…this dissident guy had been going around saying stuff that he thought was representative of the whole purpose the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians (COG) had existed. He had grown up being a part of the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians and for him…finally the real mission and vision was becoming clear…or so he thought. But not everyone was excited. And so the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians tried to judge him according to their book of religious rules but the dissident guy appealed to the civil courts and that’s where it happened. Right there in a court of law, in front of a judge and court room… this famous legal orator named Tertullus indicts Mr. Dissident as………… “loimos.”

(This is such a great word…did I mention it makes me smile…chuckle…laugh.)

Okay, okay, I’ll end this. It really is a true story…mostly. The document of antiquity is the good ole Bible…in the book of Acts (chapter 24). The Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians were the Jewish defenders of Mosaic ordinance. The attorney’s name really is Tertullus…and of course the dissident’s name is Paul of Tarsus.

Oh yeah…the word…………..my new favorite word… “loimos.”

This word means “pest” or “pestilence.” You know, like…bugs…infestations…plagues!

Like I said, it makes me smile, chuckle and laugh a little. They called him a “bug!” Too funny. A “pest” no less. The Apostle Paul…the cockroach in the house of Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians…they labeled him as one who caused dissension in the whole inhabited earth! Extermination required!

What’s funny is I recalled the time that a church official referred to me as a “pest,” (alas, I think my wife has too). Too funny…again. But today…somehow I feel noble. A noble “bug”…I crack me up!

My previous heroes have been Superman, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, and Neo…but no longer!

Listen as the symphonic undertones from soundtrack of, “The Gladiator,” begin to play…the sustained rumbling bass line…the timpanis…the French horns…and then before our very eyes ……“Loimos”…“Loimos Maximus” …enters the arena…the assembly of the Conscientious Orthodoxical Guardians! The battle of the bugs begins! My hero!

Like I said…..I have a new favorite word!

Destined to live a “Bugs Life” I guess. (You knew I had to use that one).


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  1. Driving back from Atlanta the other day I saw a pest control truck and immediately thought about this article. 🙂 Thanks for writing this!

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