“Please go away….”

Some of the words of Jesus in Luke chapter 11 fascinate me. He tells the story of someone needing to borrow some bread, from a friend…in the middle of the night. The guy knocks on the door and asks his friend for some bread and his friend essentially tells him to, “Please go away.” But the guy keeps asking for the bread and knocking on his door. What nerve. Jesus says because of this guy’s “persistence” his friend will get up and give him what he needs. Then Jesus likens it to us asking God for stuff. Hmmmm.

The linguists tell us that the original language suggests continuing action. “Keep asking…keep seeking…keep knocking.” And another interesting note is that the Greek word for “persistence” only appears one time in the New Testament…it’s in this section and means, “shameless boldness.” Wow.

Here’s the leap…..

I think missionally minded people live in the, “asking, seeking, knocking mode.” In that story it seems Jesus was calling us to live there. Asking God about what we are doing….seeking ways to do it better, and knocking on heavens doors to access His resource. (Yeah I’m hearing Bob Dylan)


At the end of the story Jesus tells us that our heavenly Father is so much greater that our earthly acquaintances. Here’s my take on the blended metaphors – our heavenly Father is more willing to answer than we can imagine…so please don’t ever, “go away.”

Recently I was in a conversation regarding organizational change and such. One person asked why the need to try and change things and then offered the classic, “If you don’t like it the way it is why don’t you just leave.” In simpler words, “Please go away.” I don’t think I will just yet…I’ll ask and seek and…………knock a little more. Because I still think there is probably a little of heavens resource left for me to “borrow,” and……..you never know who might just answer the door. (Well……..actually I do.)


3 Responses

  1. Great thoughts on seeking change…can’t say I know how to balance the process. But, I can say I love the COG and being a small part of the change process.

  2. Good thoughts. That go away mentality has chased away some good folks, and the threat is there for many others to follow. I love the COG. I’m a third generation preacher in the COG and my son will soon be the 4th. I’m not content to just “go away”. Chance must take place or the COG will self-destruct. For change to take place, it requires some of us who will keep seeking, keep knocking and refuse to go away.

  3. Someones knocking at the door-do me a favor and open the door and let em in.


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